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Funeral grant information

correct as of Jan 2012
Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal.
If a family member dies as a result of a crime, you may be able to claim compensation for the cost of the funeral expenses and if you are a dependant of the deceased, the loss of earnings involved.
Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal,
13 Lower Hatch Street,
Dublin 2
Tel 6610604.
Death Benefit under the Occupational Injuries Scheme.
If the death occurred because of an accident at work or while travelling to or from work or as a result of an occupational disease, you may be entitled to a funeral Grant of €850 under the Occupational Injuries Scheme, instead of the Bereavement Grant.
Contact your Local Social Welfare Office.
Widowed or Surviving Civil Partner Grant.
A once off grant is payable to a widow, widower or surviving civil partner with dependent children (or whose child is born within 10 months of the death of his / her spouse or civil partner) who has an entitlement to:
  • Widow’s, Widower’s or Surviving Civil Partner’s Contributory Pension.
  • One-Parent Family Payment.
  • Death Benefit under the Occupational Injuries Scheme.
  • Bereavement Grant.
  • A Widow’s / Widower’s Contributory Pension from another EU state or a country with which Ireland has a bilateral social security agreement.
The amount of the grant in 2011 is €6000. This is paid in addition to the Bereavement Grant.
Contact your Local Social Welfare Office.
Supplementary Welfare Allowance.
The Supplementary Welfare Allowance is a means tested scheme for people with little or no income. A once off payment may be made in exceptional or urgent circumstances, for example if you do not have means to pay for a funeral.  This payment may be in the region of €2000
Community Welfare Officer
Your Local Health Centre.