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Death certificate

If the death occurred at home and the Doctor is satisfied as to the cause of death, they will complete the first part of the Death Notification Form and give that form to the family. The family must complete the second part of the form giving various personal details of the deceased, including the PPS Number. This form must be given to a Registar of Deaths within three months of the death. The relative must sign the Register of Deaths. You can usually get a Death Certificate from the Registrar of Deaths immediately after registering the death.
If the death is sudden or unexpected, your Funeral Director can arrange for an Interim Death Certificate to be issued by the Coroner’s Office. This can be arranged once the Coroner has released the remains.
If the death occurred in the Hospital / Nursing Home, and was related to the illness the person was been treated for, then the Doctor will issue the family with the Medical Certificate of the cause of death.