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Useful Links

Citizens Information Board
Citizens Information Board website with general information regarding funerals, bereavement grants etc.
Think Ahead
The purpose of the Think Ahead project is to guide members of the public in discussing and recording their preferences in the event of emergency, serious illness or death.  Think Ahead is a ‘flagship project’ of the Forum on End of Life in Ireland which was launched in March 2009 by President McAleese.
 Forum on End of Life
The Forum on End-of-Life in Ireland is an Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF) project.  It engages with the public on end-of-life issues to find what people in Ireland believed about dying, death and bereavement.
The National Council of the Forum on End of Life is now taking on the work and vision of the Forum.  It is chaired by Mrs. Justice Catherine McGuinness.
Bereavement Support
Bereavement Counselling Service
The Bereavement Counselling Service offers support and counselling to enable people to deal with their grief.  Their website has helpful hints and advice for dealing with many different areas of grief and bereavement including Spouse/partners, helping the bereaved, grieving the death of a child, a child’s grief, and people with disabilities.

Rainbows Ireland

Rainbows Ireland is a peer-support programme to assist children, youth and adults who are grieving a death, separation or other painful transition in their family.
Anam Cara
Anam Cara Parent Bereavement Support group supports parents and families on the loss of a child.
Féileacáin aims to provide support to anyone affected by the death of a baby during pregnancy or shortly after.  They are a group of bereaved parents who came together to offer hope and support to others.
Established in January 2009, Widow.ie is an Irish online information and self-help resource for, and by widows, widowers and bereaved life partners.
First Light
FirstLight offers support and information, promotes research into the sudden, unexpected and often unexplained death of a child or young person.